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2019 Sustainable Action Network (SAN)

1928 Kennet Court, Cherry Hill,, Voorhees Township, NJ 08003 USA - 856.685.7154

In an encouraging development at the recent UN Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, 120 nations signed a resolution which states they will consider banning the capture of dolphins and whales from the wild for display in zoos and aquaria. Despite saying they no longer capture wild cetaceans, a Seaworld spokesperson said that they would oppose the progressive resolution for a number of reasons, including that it does not recognise the “significant educational and scientific benefits of marine mammal displays”.

Whether snatched from the wild or born in captivity, being made to perform tricks is no life for whales and dolphins. Enjoy them where they belong, in the wild.



Japanese Government and Ambassadors: Include marine mammals in the Japanese animal welfare and management laws – Change.org

Air China: Please refuse to carry wild dolphins & develop policy against such practices
 – Change.org

Yahoo: Stop Selling Dolphin and Whale Meat
 – Change.org

Taiji Whale Museum: Release the baby albino dolphin back into the ocean
 – Change.org

Taiji Whale Museum: Save Angel the baby Albino Dolphin
 – Causes.com

WAZA: Stop Supporting Taiji’s Dolphin Slaughter and Expel the Taiji Whale Museum Immediately
 – Change.org

Dr. Gerald Dick: Please support Japanese Groups by enforcing WAZA’s Code of Ethics
 – Change.org




Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans: Whales and Dolphins – Cetaceanrights.org


Challenge Japan to END Whale & Dolphin Hunts for Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Causes.com


Japanese Government: Stop the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji – Avaaz.org (petition displays graphic image)


Stop the sale of dolphin and whale meat on Yahoo!! – Avaaz.org (Petition is in German and displays graphic image, but again, we need every signature we can get, please sign!)


Japan Government Officials: Stop Japan Dolphin-Killing Town from Opening Marine Park to Fund Slaughter – Thepetitionsite.com


Ministry of Environment, Government of Japan: Stop the Town of Taiji From Opening a Marine Park – Thepetitionsite.com


Kenichiro Sasae, Japanese Ambassador to the United States: Save the Dolphins From Slaughter and Captivity – Change.org (petition displays graphic image)


Get 60 Minutes Australia to Cover Dolphin Killings and Captures in Taiji Japan – Gopetition.com


All dolphinaria must be closed in Europe! – Avaaz.org