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2019 Sustainable Action Network (SAN)

1928 Kennet Court, Cherry Hill,, Voorhees Township, NJ 08003 USA - 856.685.7154


  • We scored important ballot initiative victories against Big Money in politics in Maine and Seattle on Election Day 2015 and, even more recently than that, helped stop an effort in Connecticut to undermine the state’s public financing of elections.


  • We stopped a partisan scheme in Michigan to rig the Electoral College and award half or more of that blue state’s electoral votes to the Republican presidential candidate in 2016.


  • We helped create a national backlash against “Right to Discriminate” bills that hijacked and distorted religious freedom in Indiana and other places, and defeated them in several state legislatures.


  • We won an incredibly important State Senate race in Virginia and built vital infrastructure in perhaps the most critical region of a key 2016 swing state, particularly among Latino voters.


  • Our affiliate PFAW Foundation made amazing strides in mobilizing African American voter turnout in the Louisiana state elections.