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2019 Sustainable Action Network (SAN)

1928 Kennet Court, Cherry Hill,, Voorhees Township, NJ 08003 USA - 856.685.7154


  • Following a vigorous PETA campaign that included more than 100,000 protest e-mails, countless critical social media posts, scathing media stories, and phone-call blitzes to the company's U.S. offices, Kikkoman—the most popular soy sauce company in the U.S. and Japan—ended its long-standing practice of experimenting on animals.

  • After the Virginia Racing Commission denied a request to hold races at Colonial Downs, track owners announced that they would redevelop the land for nonracing activities.

  • After PETA pointed out to Uber that today's socially conscious millennials are opposed to killing and skinning cows for environmentally unfriendly leather car interiors, the company removed the leather requirement for UberBLACK cars in all five markets where it was required.

  • Earlier this year, PETA released a shocking exposé of the stabbing, shooting, and mutilation of live pigs by Deployment Medicine International (DMI), the self-proclaimed "largest trainer of US military forces in operational medicine." Now, following PETA's campaign, the U.S. government banned DMI from receiving any contracts for the next 15 years.